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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 23, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it is 9:00. welcome your packing and wrapping and you are watching. we'll be here and take to you a train garden. looks cool. our own stuff under the tree, you didn't have much... >> i thought they were impressive. they are need, my dad had one. he had the lionel, the big
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ones, the boxes. remember. >> remember? [ laughter ] >> going nowhere on this. over here. what else do we have going on. >> where do you get your hair done. >> mr. gary up the street. >> i don't know how often you go there are a ton of salons in the area if you wonder where to go. baltimore magazine has the list of top salons. >> you took part in that. >> it was great. this was a beautiful event. it was wonderful. we'll share it. wegman had a busier day the friday before the storm than the opening day. he will cook up pot roast for
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us with sawkraut. >> that's a great meal. >> that's ahead. >> now did you have trains growing up? >> no. >> you don't know what he is talking about. my father in law. not me i'm sorry. ky not imagine wegman busier than a tuesday afternoon, the parking lot fitting more people inside the store. we need to find out. here this morning. we were down to 19 degrees. i'm throwing numbers at you, lows this morning, 21 and one degree in york, pennsylvania. they jumped to 10. that's a cooler spot, it drains down, they will have erroneously different numbers than the rest of us. we're looking at 23, 27 and then you throw the wind at it. we drop it back into the teens. that's an issue for the day. and the air will get to 33 this
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afternoon but the wind chill in the 20s. talk about when it will depart and when the storm moves in on christmas what it will could. -- what it will do. >> the last thing you want to hear is we have some problems in the air. that was heard. we're getting reports that a flight overshot the runway and was damaged as it attempted to land. we have the latest from washington. this shows people bloodied and bruised. four people are seriously hurt. 44 passengers were taken to hospitals. the fuselage was cracked and collapsing the landing gear. >> i saw a photo on a phone which was taken by the information minister and the plane had been broken into
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pieces. >> reporter: the flight originated in washington. the boeing 737 was carrying 148 passengers and six crew members and landed safely, according to the carrier. before that there were some tense moments. investigators are trying to determine what caused the plane to overshoot the runway. there are reports it was pouring rain when it landed. if you are heading west consider yourself warned. officials have theired a state of emergency to for blizzards rolling in. it will dump more than a foot of snow in colorado and utah. and most parts of the country have been affected by the extreme weather. in the past few days it could put a cramp on delivery for mail. and a rush is on now.
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people across the land trying to get presents to their loved ones by christmas. time is running out. and will it make it in time? in the final days every second counts, there were 15,000 ups deliveries. what happens when this happens. >> the worst december storm before christmas. this weekend i was ordering online now what. i called the top brass and they answered. norman. >> hello. >> an executive told me they're getting inundated. >> we're getting 35 million tracking requests a day right now tar asking the question. >> you are not the only one. >> my gift was in kansas. it overnighted arriving in commerce city colorado. cannot be sure they will arrive by christmas.
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>> you can indeed. >> there are millions of us. >> the only place we had any issues at all is in scattered neighborhoods where the snow has not been removed. >> and workers are on overtime getting them out after the storm n atlanta they were on the look four hours. >> and two dozen packages. ups is counts on extra workers, 330 extra flights. on the ground we found tony delivering for 25 years about to interview him. >> i have a package. >> he has a package. we have to hold on. we have a package. >> you are going to get these there? >> of course. >> these and 400 that i have done already today. >> who is counting? >> i am. [ laughter ] the sweet sounds of christmas are filling the studio. coming up we'll tell you about
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choral arts it is great come with us. >> if you like having nice hair and who doesn't. baltimore has some of the best stylists. the best salons when we come back. >> who doesn't love a great train this time of year. if you think that's neat, that's only the start. i'm linda so, we have so much more to show you coming up. stay tuned.
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thank you for joining us this morning. the 23rd, you are looking at a live picture of the airport. tones look like the prettiest day out there but it is an improvement. we'll find out with the rest of the week. but we have seen the lights. we want to talk you to a home in edge wood. a train garden. >> hello, good morning. i really feel like a kid. it is all in front of the house. and we have got roller coasters. that's it right there. all kinds of carnival rides.
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look at the ferris wheel. we're told this takes up the yard it all started here and every year it expanded. see that train going by. another ride. these are unique. let's go down the drive way here. and we have just got so much stuff. another huge roller coaster, the brains, this man. this is the 10th year, this is amazing. >> it has you told me it reaches your roof now. >> we have a trolly it's not running. and it is a run and we had that up there and several years and
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we made it a permanent structure. where did you come up with this. we have been doing this six years. what does your wife think? how did you come up with this. >> i got one of the kits six years ago and i enjoyed the way it was put together. i called the company up and the people were great there they said if you want to do that that's fine send us a letter we'll get you started. we came up with putting it together from scratch we went with it. we. we got better and better. >> i understand the best part
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is that it is tree you open it up to the community. >> we 6 and 9 during the week and 1 to 9 on the weekends. that will go through january 7th. >> the best part? , watching the kids coming out it is, they are out here looking for things. >> seeing the lights. >> it is neat to see. and you started on this display the day after halloween. >> right after halloween we start moving them around. we have the tracks. people like to see it put together. it is all lit up. >> that's great for people who don't know where can they come to see this. 3064 border way. you can find us on don myers.
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trains are cool, lastly here you do something fun where you hide daffy duck. kids who find them get a candy cane. ky not find if for the life of me. help me out here. where is da. if fy, i don't give out hints. he is in the section by the high ferris wheel. can you point hum out for us. dave do you see him? , shows us where it is. we have to find daffy. , you have hitten him good. there he is. the orange. give me my candy cane. [ laughter ] >> this is incredible.
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what they do is amazing. 3064 and this will be up until january 7th. so come out, enjoy see it with your family. did you enjoy that, we have jim bird from engineers. and jim says that now that we have all the landscapers you are seeing more of that. >> that's outdoor the traditional is. there is a segment that does the outdoor trains. and. >> how many are in the club.
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>> and all the and. >> how many do you go around and take in. there is from one there are hundreds. where it is lit up. and. >> and a lot of people and and a set and i got an ho that is not the norm they go to a lionel. to give you perspective and the ho. >> and the biggest thing and
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you can see the track and and it is two rail and and it is bigger stuff and handle easier. >> and the old times used to go to klines on saratoga. >> yes. >> they moved out to the county. and it is still, they have an internet. they moved it out of the area. >> very good. >> do you have a christmas. >> i have a loop with ho that's my thing and i have a loop under there there are so many
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gardens outside, inside we should take up. it is a tradition. >> we will. >> and open sunday. >> and thank you. >> it is the season for giving. before we go to break. a many and it is our cup of joe segment. we'll be right back.
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i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed. just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal. no
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blue sky dominates the area a wind out of the north. and now i want to take you board walk you can see what is there. and they dug up the board walk.
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we heard about the project there. 20million there. and they fared okay. and more. >> i mentioned board walk they and from the site. we were watching this. it is tough to see the camera is there. let's see if they can run a time lapse. we'll show that to you. and workings on the beaches. this he have been clued up and this month and lost. and 26 degrees. 28 in columbus and and that is where the battle zone is. we're under clear skies and under the influence of an arctic air mass, and in the form of light snow and sleet along this and south of that
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will be the influence of the storm the one that is causing storms and end up with the blizzard conditions before christmas. that will pump in the warmer air. we will start to break down the arctic high pressure system and throw in moisture but not until late tomorrow. as we check out the forecast model, on christmas eve through friday morning, there is mostly rain, chicago, they get wet. light snow to get the break ins into the mountains. we could have that on day break. we'll warm up we'll get it. and 20 now and a week, arriving late and plan for a chance of ice early not going to be a heavy event. it should turn to a wet set-up.
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43 and snow and flooding on saturday. back to you. we're talking about the art of giving. the wise men inhaven'ted giving christmas presents. >> and we just found people who didn't inhaven't it but they have grappled with giving up something special. they made a sacrificement we found them in vermont. >> reporter: the first baptist search is being tested. >> with the economy struggling donations are down and the roof is leaking walls are looking, we operate on a wing and a prayer and the fur nays will not blow up.
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>> is now housing. >> the ledger book is clean. >> and the reverend says that. and this is the option we have to part with the pressured gift. it is a tiffany stained glass window. >> they illuminate. >> the church voted to sell the wind dough to keep the shelter open. >> we need to keep it going even without the window. they have received offers as high has 7 $5000s. those in the shelter have been moved by the sacrifice. >> i was touched. something like that you don't want to let go of that. >> reporter: the pastor said
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it will not be easy. in some ways this is the most painful holiday here but the most poignant. >> this represents the face of good's people. >> it is a great talent u we have a look at the holiday extravaganza when we come back. and baltimore magazine tracked down the best of the best here. a look at the top salons.
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we're talking about christmas at the choral arts. and the director.
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how are you. >> great happy holidays. >> how many years now. >> this is the 14th the year that abc 2 and the choral arts have joined together to make it available to people far and wide. we have a great time. it was great to have you join us this year. >> i was very honored. >> if was fun. completely out of my comfort zone. >> it is beautiful 5√°ed it -- it is a pretty service. were you great to watch with all the years how you could ep it fresh but watching you that is such a neat thing. we have a great time. it is beautiful. it is one of the biggest destinations for tourism in the united states since they restored it a few years ago. we are delighted that it has been part of our tradition now for many years. every year we do new things and a few things that people have
9:31 am
come to love. we commissioned a piece from a great woman playing the drums there. she is a great composer. wrote six pieces for us. we played them. it was town feature her music. , she was amazing. it is very diverse program. we try to mix it up and do new things old things. it was a lot of fun. and. we kid a world premier by dave brubecome. and. and a great composer that
9:32 am
as well as. >> as a ball player when you stand in front you hear the music the adren anyone... >> there is something about singing. but you channel your creativity and imagination through that. when you sing it is very direct. there is no barrier nothing in between you and the creative expression. we have young people and black, white, all over the map, when they get together and you know they bond around the goal of making something beautiful it is fun. >> how many people show up for this and is there ever a year that you worry it is not going to be a packed house.
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it is sold out for years now. the basilica we hit 850 people in there it does early. it is a part of a lot of people's transition. it is a watch at home christmas morning and at night and what is that like for you. rue duffle and tom hall n that order. i play second fid toll rue duffle. if you are wrapping presents or enjoying some down time before the holiday. we're on then at 9:00 it is fun to turn it on and enjoy it while you may be opening presents. >> and a peaceful day. you would work on this how long does it take to have a finished product. rehigh hearse this a month before we do it. we're doing all sorts of other things in september and october and november and the first or
9:34 am
second of november we start rehearsing it and we recorded this on the 1st of december. and they are experienced and you know they have to you a duron to get in. it is a select group. we're honored that the singers want to sing with us. and many of those people who are part of the symphony say they are the greatest it is a great job. >> tom you did it again. we'll be watching. >> appreciate it. >> again it will be aired 11:35 on christmas eve and 9:00 on christmas morning. , she did a great job. >> you did better than i did. >> there you go. >> you look great, sounded great, a great time. >> it was a great experience.
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i know but watching you. and you can't get any better than that. >> join us christmas eve and day (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets, and you're shopping with jay, john, joel, jake and joe
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trying to get information
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about this project going on here. we talked about 20 million of dollars of damage for the storm in november and they got hit up there as well. we were hit with the blizzard and near 60-mile per hour winds. here is the shot i told jamie about the crane there. you can see it there. >> and they dug up the board walk in front of the beach -- thank you very much. they're working on it now. the sun glare is in the middle. the sunshine they tore the thing up. they will have to work on that as well. back here across into the mountains as well and the cold conditions but a wind chill. 33 is our guarantee but staying in that zone. and it is cold. the chance of ice.
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thank you very much. and you need a haircut a man cure the problem is there are more than 4000 salons. who is the best. a senior contributor and who is a cut above the rest. sounds like a fun assignment. did you get a treatment everywhere. i have indulged in some. and i talked with women and men and who does their hair. i call news stations and find out who does the hair of the anchor people. and i spend a month researching before i go to the salons.
9:40 am
birks so many tough do that. are there an places that surprised you? >> my son is 17 and talking about dreadlocks. we started to look at places he could get them. i discovered dreads and heads. the woman who owns it does manny ramirez' locks. she is known as the lady of the lock. she did the hair for wycl. f jean. >> did he get them? >> he is saving they are expensive. >> send us a picture. what else did you find s it hard to keep this fresh, are there salon that make the list. there are salons that tend to make the list but i don't let anyone rest on their laurels. i think the thing that surprised me that there is something for everybody.
9:41 am
there small boutiques a salon in maryland about half an hour from here that is the size of five football fields. they have the salon menu is like a novel it is so long and if you wanted a beauty makeover you go there. you can spend all day there and not doing it all. the salons for kids that kateer to men. there is something for everyone. on sunday and monday if you had a bad hair day it was too bad now they are open seven kays a week. especially in the recession there is no reason to have a bad hair day r a lot of the places expensive or some that are great deals. which ones are. we're all looking to save money. there are some high end places
9:42 am
n mount washington they bring down someone from frederick fekkai it is a famous place and their stylist is $150 a cut that's expensive for baltimore. however, there are plenty of places if it is high you can get a junior stylist and that is supervised by a senior so great discounts. there is no reason to pay full price. there was a blizzard special judo 921 has been running specials on haircuts and massages they want to get people in from the snow. >> that's a great item what is better than the middle of the snow storm. >> and it is on the stands.
9:43 am
where do you do. >> i go to uno he is in green spring station he is turkish and he used to cut the hair of the president of turkey. he is a wonderful man. i love his accent he is a close friend. , we have a love for our stylist that we reserve for pelts you have apersonnal relationship with your stylist and cut hair and they listen. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. back with more in a moment. who does your hair, i do. >> i can't tell. >> you can't. >> two days away from christmas he is carving up something for us.
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year' in the kitchen. >> how are you. >> the and the friday before the storm you said it was bigger than your opening? >> yes. >> you figure opening day people are checking it out.
9:47 am
people were on a mission. >> they still are. >> we were there to help them out. so we're going to get started with nothing like a little celebration for the new year. pork roast. >> there you go. >> and sauerkraut. and apple cider in there we'll give it a nice mix, you have the apples there. >> and to the kraut. we'll put that in here. that will make a nice bed here and this is a center cut boneless pork roast. it is easy. you know we're going to put basting throne and give it a nice rub. this is great for left owners there is no bone. you can slice it there. have a sandwich. that will sit on top.
9:48 am
we'll put that in at 450 degrees. it wilt get a nice crust and give or take. we're looking for temperatures of 150. we'll pull it out and let it rest. it is great. >> and gone into the oven and sliced. here it is our kraut. and. >> that's great. >> cran berries getting color. >> and sed getting married -- married in september. 2010. it very much is. she works the deli if you go in, she has the santa happen and aprons. 44 next. >> now, listen you want to tell her what you got. >> it is in the pot here. >> a dell urnous pork roast. she loves the pork. it is a way to celebrate the
9:49 am
new year the pork for the new year. and progressing in the new year. >> happy new years. i hop she loves it. she will. >> she will love it. >> sliced thin. now let's go to justin. beautiful park and sauerkraut. >> start cooking. >> anything in front of a warm kitchen will help out. look at the chill we expect wednesday the 23rd of december a low is 26. and a high of 44. records have spread from door in 1960 to 1969 to 1990. the sun was up and down at 4:48. we're we'll below normal. check out the temperature. here is the monster storm just getting churning. you thought we had a blizzard. you thought we had a storm. this is a big-time storm. this will be responsible for the rains. flooding across the south and
9:50 am
isolated tornados. we're looking at a double barrel of low pressure and gets into the main system. it will sit and spin and get stuck here for a few days. the storm track will try to go into the western great lakes. another business ard from iowa. north and west. this will be a big time problem with probably two feet of snow. and winds there they are stained. big-time storm ice shooting out ahead of it. this is the situation we're in. the arctic air that's slid down the coast and the first part of the storm, the overshooting madge will get here on friday morning and could start in the form of ice. we warm up on the warm side. 33 today mostly sunny. chilly and chills in the midto lower 20s.
9:51 am
we drop to 14 with 20 the mark. he would warm up to 45. santa is here fine. light drizzle. should turn to rain if it starts. it will be light but the rain in the afternoon up to about 40 degrees. heavier expected with a wave of low pressure. this is the deal we're looking at melting snow. drains and rain could have floating problems on saturday. a motion and get into the 30s. you can catch us on line andlets see what is happening now back to you. christmas somes early for some families in need. hundreds are heading to the warehouse to pick up clothes some players were on hand to help distribute the presidents.
9:52 am
and we were there and we have the story. >> , we're giving toys out. i partnered up with them. we're celebrating this thing going on. >> we probability you coming taking time out to-you out. this represents about 1600 families, 4000 children. they all watch you. >> and they help people out. and it is great they help people out. >> they are saying thank you. it cheers them up. >> , you have to be kidding. >> it is about giving back and
9:53 am
doing that sort of thing. do what you can to help. >> take your time, honey. >> that's right. >> and at one life that is what makes it special to me. we made a great team. that is a blessing. i hope you have a good time. >> great to it see that the gifts will come. more toys are being distributed today. time for a featured everyone. this is funny. in a time we tell you that businesses are closing here is one that's not closed. and everyone think these are. the people from rulis salon. they said there is a sign that says we're open. >> a rumor got out.
9:54 am
get a haircut. >> bill gross, he took my wing. ring. >> throne this he belongs to a choir at eastern united meth or difficulty church. on christmas morning at 10 the choir will gather at north and caroline and hand out jackets and hats and governors to those on the street who are homeless. how about that. >> that's christmas, that's great. if there is something hall manying you want to mention it on the air. send us an e-mail. we love. it we love hearing from you. e-mail jamie, myself or morning show. >> and is it open. >> i do -pbt know. it is a big rumor. >> stay with us. i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed.
9:55 am
just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal. no
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9:57 am
tomorrow christmas receive guess who is visiting us? hoeurbgs. >> santa. >> really. >> yes. >> awesome. >> that's great. >> are you excited. >> i'll write my list. >> all right. check your list. , see you christmas eve!
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